Medical Marijuana for Pets: Safe and Effective Options for Fido

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If you’ve ever experienced a headache, sore muscles, sleepness, or more, then you’ve probably turned to the healing powers of marijuana to feel better. But what happens if Fido isn’t feeling well, what happens then? The vet will most likely prescribe them pills, which can sometimes put pets into a doggy daze. There has to be a better solution, right? …

9 Unexpected Benefits of Cannabis

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From pain relief, to relaxation, to increased creativity — there’s so much to be gained through marijuana use. Many of you are already aware of these benefits, but how many of you know the below? Learn more about the unexpected benefits of weed that you may never have expected. Cannabis Can Help You Lose Weight This seems counterintuitive due to …

Marijuana drinks to try this summer

Top 10 Marijuana Drink Recipes for a Refreshing Summer

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Summertime and the drinking is easy… What’s better than a dose of weed for a chilled-out summer? A cool drink to match and better yet, a dose of weed INSIDE of the refreshment. Imagine it now, relaxing on the porch, chatting with friends, and sipping on some sweet, sweet sticky-icky juice. Sounds pretty great and with these 10 drink ideas, …

Top Weed Summer Strains

Top 7 Must-Try Summer Strains

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We’re about a month away from summer and if you’re like everyone else, you’re probably already daydreaming about beaches, waves, ice cream, and warm nights. But do you know what turns these daydreams into a kick-ass reality? Some summer sticky icky. That’s right, choosing the best strain to pair your perfect summertime activity with is a surefire way to level-up …

Munchies in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach Snacks to Satisfy Any Stoner’s Munchies

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By now, you’re probably aware of the budding cannabis industry (all the puns intended). It’s easy to find dry buds, pot brownies, hash oil, and more. But did you know that there are certain events that pair best with specific types of weed products? That’s right, enjoying life in Laguna Beach can take on many forms of activity and that …

Laguna Beach Bans Public Smoking

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You’re probably well aware that smoking marijuana in public is already illegal. But did you also know that Laguna Beach has now expanded its ban on all public smoking? That’s right, this past May, the City Council voted unanimously to expand the ban to now cover beaches and parks. The ordinance also extends throughout the city to include sidewalks, bikeways, …


Fun Cultural Events in Laguna Beach to Experience While High

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There’s so much more to Laguna Beach than just the beach – particularly if you’re high and looking for an engaging, thought-provoking, and entertaining event. Here are our favorite Laguna Beach hotspots to partake in while high. They’re a treat for your eyes, mind, and soul. Laguna Art Museum is an excellent way to spend an afternoon if you’re high …

No Car in Laguna Beach

Getting Around Laguna Beach Without a Car

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Do the responsible thing and don’t smoke and drive. But if you’re high and needing to get around, it’s easy to do so while in Laguna Beach. From carshares, taxis, shuttles, and buses, there are plenty of ways to get from point A to point B. So fear not, with these below options, you can get out and grab food, …

Active Lifestyle in Laguna Beach

Active Things to do While in Laguna Beach

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Laguna Beach is a beautiful southern California hotspot full of coves, beaches, and shops. There are so many fun and active things to partake in in this small coastal city, here are a few of our favorites! Laguna Beach is an excellent place to surf. With plenty of beginner and intermediate waves available, newbies to experts can all find the …

Laguna Beach is an Art Town

Laguna Beach is for Art Lovers

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When you think of Laguna Beach, thoughts of sand, surf, and tans may come to mind. But did you know that Laguna Beach is a hotspot for art, too? That’s right art lovers, take a trip to this southern California hub and you can expect local art, fine art, art festivals, and so much more. It’s the perfect way to …