CBD Living

Don’t let your digestive tract strip you from the effects of your medicine. Now introducing CBD Living, an array of products from water to chocolate that contain CBD that has gone through a process using Nano Technology.

The nano sized CBD allows it to become 100% bio-available since it can immediately penetrate your body’s cells. That means you will be able to mitigate the loss of CBD nutrients that traditionally get swallowed up by your digestive system and experience the full effects of your medicine.

Bud Man Laguna Beach is an official provider of CBD Living.

CBD Living – CBD Products with Max Absorption at Bud Man Laguna Beach

  • CBD Living Water

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  • CBD Living Sour Gummies (300mg CBD)

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  • CBD Living Sleep Aid (60mg CBD – 15mg Melatonin – 2 flavors)

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  • CBD Living Gel Caps (750mg CBD and 25mg per capsule – 30ct)

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  • CBD Living Crystalline – Isoloate (500mg CBD)

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  • CBD Living Chocolate (120mg CBD)

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  • CBD Living Bath Soap (60mg CBD – 4 types)

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