Kushy Punch Disposable Vape Battery and Cartridge Set (500mg – 5 strains)


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Sleek and Compact, this disposable vape produces luxurious clouds of a proprietary blend of cannabis, essential oils and terpenes. Kushy Punch Vape purifies the oil, remove all the fats and make sure to keep the terpenes and high levels of THC.

Brilliant Apple Candy Vape 

Capturing the fleeting moments of youth, Apple Candy takes you on a road trip back to your favorite sweets dish at Grandma’s. The moment you un-sheath the candy from it’s hallowed wrapper; nothing can be more perfect than the first impression of bursting apple sweetness. Encapsulating that feeling, the spirit of freshly harvested Macintosh apples paired with the proprietary earth tones from our foundation of cannabis, envelops your tastebuds, bringing you a distinctive, delicious, and tart finish.

Honey Dew Vape

A simple fruit on first glance, yet full of delicate complexities. Honeydew embodies the taste and feel of summer. Luminous, sunny tones of melon band together with our cannabis oil to produce evocatively alluring clouds of vapor. Upon first inhalation, you’ll be ensconced by the rich bouquet and sweet aromatics of melon and floral essence. The retention of natural oils from the Honeydew fruit, impart a delectably tasty balance between the sweetness of the melon and the refinement of essential oils.

Calm Mango Vape

Like strolling through the intoxicating aroma of a lush Mango grove… As you saunter gently through the field of endless mangoes, you reach up and pluck the fruit. This flavor perfectly encapsulates the tropical intensity of tree-ripened Mangoes. You’re then met with the gentle flesh contrasted with a burst of sweetness. Meticulously crafted and paired with the terpene, Myrcene, the elevating, uplifting effects of THC are intensified while also providing a natural fresh taste of Mango on each exhale. The lingering undertones of pine add a delightful sharpness that brings you a cooling effect to each hit.

Thriving Strawberry Vape

The pierced flesh of a Strawberry is a sensually rich and delightful flavor we harnessed to embody the perfect sweetness of the fruit. Upon exhalation you’ll be captivated by the vibrant scent of a full basket of freshly picked strawberries. To add balance and layers of depth, we include natural terpenes from the fruit and from our award winning flowers. Providing you with a brilliantly inviting flavor you can have with you all day.

Unicorn Fruit Punch Vape

As you ride on your chariot, pulled by heavenly unicorns, you yearn for a flavor to quench your insatiable tastebuds. This not-so-conventional Fruit Punch blend offers you a succulently mouthwatering, complex concoction of tart, tangy and sweet fruits. Deepened hints of Citrus are wrapped in opulent creamy clouds of Vanilla Sherbert, leaving you with an exhalation of velvety mystique.